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 The official guarantee is valid for 2 ( two ) years from the date of delivery.


Warranty Extension Trubbiani.


 In addition to the two-year product warranty, we offer customers a 5-year warranty on painting the bicycle.

The varnishing warranty covers possible manufacturing defects such as anodizing. It does not cover any damage or scratch due to the use of the bicycle.

We offer over 1 year warranty on the battery and 2 years on the engine of the Trubbiani Electric product and 3 years on the battery and 4 on the engine of the Trubbiani Electric product of the Ansmann type

 The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the bicycle



Conditions and limitations for the  Warranty.


The conventional warranty is excluded in case of damage due to improper or non-compliant use of the products with respect to the use indicated on our website for each product, such as, for example, in the following cases:

care and maintenance of insufficient products;

changes to the frame or fork (eg incisions or paint);

fitting additional components or replacing our components with components from us not

expressly authorized or otherwise not equivalent or compatible with the original ones;

accidents, overload, jumps, or any other type of excessive stress.



Application of the Warranty.


We reserve the right to repair defective frames or forks or replace them in the event of termination of production of the same model with a corresponding subsequent model.


 If it is necessary to replace frames and / or forks, we will replace them with components of the same color as the originals, unless the original colors are no longer made or are not available in stock.

The costs of shipping or collection to the Factory or to Trubbiani.Store Service Centers and dealers present in the territory are charged to the Customer for all our services under warranty. Our warranty services include any assembly costs and / or components.

 Our extended warranty is valid and effective only for the customer, the first purchaser of the product.

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